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Transformation for Women

A Woman’s Journey Retreat
 Sat-Sun 7th-8th Nov, 2015

The beautiful Latimer Place De Vere Hotel, Latimer, Bucks HP5 1UG
10 mins from J18 of M25
5 mins by taxi from Chalfont & Latimer station (tube or train)

Immerse yourself in a powerful, gentle, supportive nourishing space of transformation and celebration

Why come?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time?

Do you spend time overthinking at night instead of sleeping?

Do you put everyone else first and find yourself running on empty?

Did you know that by taking time out to nourish yourself, you will have so much more energy, clarity and peace to bring back into your daily life?

Spend a weekend of nourishment for yourself in the company of like-minded women in a beautiful environment.

Enjoy a full immersion retreat for deep personal healing and transformation at all levels.

Indulge yourself in some quality time

Experience deep nurturing and relaxation

Examples of what we will be doing depending on the group:

Reflect on your journey as a woman, identify significant events and rites of passage in your life that shape who you are today and release any negativity from these events eg birth, your first (and last if relevant) period, fertility, miscarriage, terminations, births (if relevant)

Strengthen the flow of love that is your birth rite from your ancestors

Explore and release blocks that are holding you back from expressing your femininity, your power and your joy.

Develop & deepen a loving relationship yourself and your body

Create a fabulous vision for your future.

A variety of techniques will be used including: EFT and other energy techniques, Family Constellations and Creativity


Latimer Place De Vere Hotel, is conveniently located to both London and Hertfordshire and because of this it is going to be open both to residential and day attendees – although I recommend the residential option to maximum the benefit of the retreat and healing possibility for you.

I have negotiated an incredibly competitive price on full board at this lovely hotel, which has a fitness centre and swimming pool, as well being in the perfect place for breathtaking local walks.

Check out the photo gallery here. .

Latimer Place is just 10 mins by car from J18 of M25 or 5 mins by taxi from Chalfont and Latimer station the Metropolitan line and mainline (35 mins from Marylebone station, London). See a location map HERE


Women of all ages welcome


Tamara Donn, EFT trainer and mentor for women

What is included?

For everyone:

Refreshments, Unlimited hot drinks, Lunch

For those staying overnight:

*  Dinner on Saturday
*  Breakfast on Sunday
*  Use of pool, sauna and gym
*  Accommodation in single room (there are a minimum number of twin     rooms available for sharing - let me know if you are interested)

Full Overnight Retreat Investment: £367

Investment for Day Entry (includes refreshments and lunch):

Included for all participants, including those coming only for the day:

* Price for Sat: £137 Pay here in other amounts
* Price for two day-entry: £267 Pay here in other amounts

Video peoples experiences of the retreat:

“The retreat has come at such a perfect time.  I thought I couldn't spare the time but I was able to STOP and be in the HERE and NOW, it was such a blessing and another lesson to me that it is so important to take the time we need for ourselves.  It is not selfish or indulgent, it is actually essential to our wellbeing and allows us to continue to be more effective in the care we give others and the work we do.

Thank you, you are such a special gift who brings such immense healing to so many!“ Elizabeth Mary Hancock, Emotional Freedom and Transformational Wealth Coach

""Tamara's sacred space really supported me and gave me great peace and freedom. Her workshops were vital for the growth and support of my soul and my heart. Thank you Tamara for holding the space, for the support, the mirror that allowed me that peek at myself,  the strength and the grace that were provided through your love and your healing intention." Christiane Palmer

I hope you are able to join us for what will be a truly wonderful experience for all.

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