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Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy and birth are a very special time in a woman’s life.  


When you first find out you are pregnant, a whole range of emotions can come streaming into your consciousness. If the pregnancy wasn’t planned you may be shocked or confused. Even if the pregnancy was planned you may be experiencing these feelings in addition to joy, excitement, apprehension and possibly relief if conception took a while.

It is common in our society to keep the pregnancy a secret for the first 3 months. This may feel good or it may feel like a burden when you really want to talk about how you are feeling and the changes that are happening to you.  EFT is a wonderful tool for balancing emotions and releasing negative feelings.

During the early weeks, when your body starts adjusting to its new role, one of the early symptoms that may affect you is morning sickness (which can occur at any time of day!).  With EFT on hand, you can tap to release possible emotional contributory factors associated with sickness and nausea.  As your pregnancy progresses EFT can help with other symptoms that may arise such as mood swings, fears and exhaustion.


Towards the latter part of the pregnancy you may start focusing more on the birth and baby. Any fears or concerns about the birth can be released using EFT as well as focusing on a positive birth experience.

Here is a video testimonial that shows one of my clients talking about how EFT help with her fear of her baby dying:

As birth approaches EFT can be used to release any emotional blocks connected with issues such as encouraging labour in an overdue pregnancy, a breech baby, stimulating a labour that is slow to progress and more.

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